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“To improve innovation skills of participants by applying design thinking in real case”

KEYWORDS of BYTe Program



Benefits of Joining BYTe 2019

  1. Scholarship Program

BYTe 2019 participants will have the opportunity to get a bootcamp scholarship for 4 days and 3 nights and take part in the series of activities of the Empathy Project. The bootcamp aims to hone participants’ skills such as:

  • Sharpen empathy skills
  • Sharpen the ability to think creatively
  • Improve analytical thinking
  • Improve problem identification and problem-solving skills
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Sharpen collaboration skills
  • Improve the ability to communicate ideas

NOTE: All accommodation costs such as lodging and consumption during BYTe will be borne by the organizer.

  1. Learning Content

BYTe’s learning model uses design ethnography and design thinking methods. Participants will be guided to use both methods during the bootcamp.

  1. Mentoring

During BYTe, participants will receive intensive training to improve creativity and innovation. In addition, participants will also exclusively guided by SociopreneurID related to initiation or innovation that they want to continue after the end of bootcamp.

  1. Networking

If participants are selected to get a BYTe scholarship, participants will have the opportunity meet with 30 other finalists and BYTe alumni who come from various regions in Indonesia to collaborate with each other.

  1. BYTe Alumni

Participants who has involved in BYTe will join the BYTe alumni network, and have the opportunity to get exclusive access to various activities / programs initiated by SociopreneurID.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Commit to participate in all bootcamp sessions for four (4) days three (3) nights
  2. Having an interest in entrepreneurship and eager to solve the problem of SMEs in Indonesia
  3. Love to explore and get new experiences
  4. Individuals aged 18-25 years who are Indonesian citizens
  5. Have never received BYTe scholarship before
  6. Willing to pay an application fee for Rp 100,000
  7. Willing to afford the transportation costs from the participant’s domicile to South Tangerang City
  8. With participating, participants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to all conditions

NOTE: We also provide a limited number of scholarships for participants who need financial support for transportation to South Tangerang City


BYTe Registration

Step 1: Click the registration link below

Step 2: Fill in the registration form (main questions include experiences and innovation ideas)

Step 3: Make an application fee payment of Rp 100.000 to Bank Central Asia (BCA) No. Account 883034 1332 a / n Heru Wijayanto

Step 4: Send Send the payment receipt to WhatsApp 081246332453 (Amelia)

Step 5: Wait for the finalist announcement

If you have any question, please click this FAQ Document